State & Union: The bond with our beloved pets – Olean Times Herald

Do you feel like you grew closer to your dog or cat during the pandemic? Do you feel like you can communicate with your pet?

Thursday was National Dog Day, and we marked the occasion by looking over a national survey of 1,000 pet owners and found 62% welcomed an additional dog or cat into their families since March 2020, the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

About 90% of respondents said they grew closer to their existing dog or cat during the pandemic, with 81% believing they can communicate with their pets with just a look.

The survey for Rover, an international network of rated pet sitters and dog walkers, found that 64% of pet owners spend more than six hours per day with their pets and 66% would rather cuddle with their pets than with their partners or anyone else.

About 55% said they have opted out of a social engagement to be with their pets.

More than half (53%) claim they now know their pet’s quirks and personality more than their significant other’s, best friend’s or even their mother’s.

When pet parents think about leaving on a trip, 58% miss their pet more than their partner, friends or family, and 66% believe their pet experiences more anxiety or stress than they do when apart.

About 83% of pet parents are likely to worry about their pet when they leave home for work, travel or other reasons.