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By Peter Rhead

Examples of when to make a Western Cuebid

Last week we reviewed the Western Cuebid.  The objective of the Western Cuebid is to ask partner if he has a stopper for the opponent’s bid suit when considering a No-Trump contract.

This week we have examples of some hands where you must consider whether or not to use the Western Cuebid of the opponent’s suit.

Case 1:

Spades         xx

Hearts          xx

Diamonds     KQJx

Clubs            KQJxx

Case 1:  Your partner opens One Heart.  Your right-hand opponent overcalls One Spade.  You have twelve points.  You know your partnership may have a Three No-Trump game if partner has a stopper in Spades.  You bid Three Spades asking.  Partner will bid 3NT if he has the Spade stopper.  If he has no Spade stopper he bids Four Hearts.

Case 2:

Spades         xxxx

Hearts          xxx

Diamonds     KQJ

Clubs            Kxx

Case 2: Again your partner opens One Heart and your right-hand opponent overcalls One Spade.  You have nine points and support for partner’s suit.  This time you bid Two Hearts.

Case 3:

Spades         AQxx

Hearts          Qxxx

Diamonds     K

Clubs            KQJx

Case 3:  Your left-hand opponent opens One Diamond.  Partner overcalls Two Clubs.  Your right-hand opponent passes.  You have shortness in Diamonds but stoppers in both majors.  With seventeen points, you know you and partner probably have enough strength for a 3NT game (an easier choice than Five Clubs).  The question is does partner have a stopper in Diamonds?  You bid Three Diamonds telling partner to bid 3NT if he has a stopper in Diamonds.  Otherwise partner will bid Four Clubs and you will raise to Five Clubs.

For more complete information, Google “Western Cuebid”.

Next Week: More Examples when you and your partner could use the Western Cuebid.

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