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Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no “right way” to have one, and depending on how you identify, you can experience a full range of different connections. While some people might dream of having a romantic relationship, others might not want to have one at all. Those who don’t want a romantic relationship may identify as aromantic, an orientation that still involves love, feelings, and relationships. In the TikTok above, user @jenny_formica explained what being aromantic means, and connected the dots for people who still have questions about it.

“Basically, I don’t have a desire to have a romantic relationship,” Jenny said in the video she posted on her page. Different from asexual, aromantic people can still have a desire for sexual interactions, just not romantic ones. They may be in a queerplatonic relationship structure, where the relationship goes further than a platonic relationship, but it’s not necessarily romantic. Read: queerplatonic is a relationship structure, while aromantic is an identity; the TikTok below explains the difference further. Essentially, queerplatonic relationships are typically made of aromantic or asexual people. “I actually have kids, my best friend lives with me, I’m not alone.” In the clip, she explained that she still loves people, just not romantically.

To explain it further, TikToker @acedadadivce had this to say: “aromantic people don’t experience romantic attraction.” Whether you choose to express love romantically or aromantically, you can still form deep and intimate connections with others. If you’re still curious about what aromantic relationships are all about, watch these full TikTok videos to learn more!


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