What INFJs Are Like In Relationships + Who’s Compatible With Them – mindbodygreen.com

Before you write someone off because they could be incompatible, Hallett makes it clear: “There’s no such thing as a perfect match, and all relationships are unique—as are all people. The MBTI types are a means of getting to know yourself better, but as in all situations, don’t expect yourself (or anyone else) to be 100% a ‘type.'”

That said, she does note that ISFJs can be a more challenging match since the main focus for the ISFJ is stability, traditions, and a sense of consistency, making them less amenable to change. INFJs, on the other hand, “are focused on making the world a better place through reducing suffering and living by values rather than the ‘way it’s been done,'” she says.

Blaylock-Johnson says ESFPs, ESTPs, and ESTJs can also be a challenging match, with the overarching theme being INFJs may not mesh with an extrovert who is less intuitive.

Overall, regardless of who they’re with, INFJs can be ultra-sensitive, reluctant to open up, and hold very high standards. All of these things can play out in a relationship, but with awareness and effort, they can absolutely be overcome. It helps that INFJs are thoughtful and good communicators, so these potential rifts certainly don’t have to be deal-breakers.