The best DIY channels on YouTube and how to use it for home improvements – The Times

Did you pick up a power tool in the past month? Chances are, a YouTube tutorial was one of your first ports of call. While they’re not known for Hollywood production values and Clooney-esque charisma, the appetite for do-it-yourself videos has soared over lockdown — fuelled in part by frugality, and the great builder shortage of 2021.

I don’t claim to be any kind of DIY expert, but my enthusiastic home-improving friends have embarked on ever-more ambitious DIY projects, mastering power tools with the help of YouTube’s upbeat tutorials and tackling odd jobs they ordinarily would have called in a handyman for. The video-sharing site has led to their successful use of a “terrifying” circular saw, learning how to effectively “cut-in” with paint, and feathering