PBR event a stampeding success in Cross Insurance Center’s return to live events – WABI

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Bangor’s Cross Insurance Center returned to live events this weekend for the first time in nearly a year and a half.

Professional Bull Riders filled what was once a mass vaccination site.

After selling out the Cross Insurance Center multiple times over the last five years, Professional Bull Riders returned to Bangor to do it again.

The Center’s first live event in 17 months started on Friday night and leading up to the Sunday afternoon championship round, was a stampeding success.

“All three days have been fantastic, we have our staff in the building. The crowds have been energetic and just enjoying being around folks, showing their support for the community. For PBR, which is one of the best events we do all year long, their teams have been happy, they’ve had a great time being back in Bangor, so overall it’s been just a great weekend,” said Tony Vail, General Manager of the Cross Insurance Center.

PBR fans and newcomers from all over came to take part in the rodeo event that features some of the strongest animals on the planet, and the cowboys tasked with taming them.

“Some friends were coming and we heard about it, and we thought it’d be fun to watch, so we decided we’d come. We think it’s going to be awesome,” Cayleigh Hall said, who was attending her first PBR event.

Paul Roberts used to be a bull rider in Texas and was at the CIC for the first time to take in the event.

“The stadium is a lot smaller here, so we get a really good seat and a really good angle on the sport, on the bulls and everything coming out,” said Paul Roberts.

“This is my second time at PBR in Bangor, it’s just a really awesome experience, get to experience something that isn’t as prevalent up here in Maine, so once it comes up it’s always fun to go,” Said Keith Lily, who came to Bangor from Newport for the championship round.

The Cross Insurance Center was used as a Covid-19 mass vaccination site during the pandemic.

Spectators and CIC officials alike are glad to see the center return to its intended purpose – hosting fun, entertaining events.

“It was a very tough 17 months, something I hope none of us ever go back to, that’s why we’re so thankful to be here right now doing what we’re doing, because that was a really hard year, and we just want to put that behind us and move forward,” added Vail.

For a list of upcoming Cross Insurance Center events and tickets, you can visit here.

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