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Geico began as an auto insurance company for U.S. government employees and military personnel. In fact, the name Geico comes from the words Government Employees Insurance Co. Today, Geico has a wide range of customers beyond the government sector, making Geico the second-largest private passenger auto insurance company in the country.

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Geico is the cheapest car insurance company for good drivers based on nationwide averages. It comes in with rates below State Farm, Progressive, Farmers and Allstate.

Geico’s rates go up about $160 a year if you’ve gotten a speeding ticket, based on the national average. Still, Geico comes out on top as the cheapest insurance choice if you have a ticket.

Causing a car accident that injures someone else is a serious issue, with insurance rates that reflect that. In our analysis State Farm has cheapest rates, on average, in this situation, but Geico is second-best among the top insurers.

Geico’s average insurance rates go up about $1,900 a year if you get a DUI conviction. You’ll see an increase at renewal time. In this case State Farm, Progressive and Farmers may offer more competitive rates.

If you were caught driving uninsured, expect to pay a higher rate when you buy a policy compared to what you’d pay without a lapse in auto insurance. Geico had the best rates in our analysis of the top insurers.

Geico had a higher level of complaints about auto insurance in 2020 than Allstate and State Farm, but still below the national average.

If you’re shopping for auto insurance, Geico is worth consideration because of its consistently low rates and good track record in complaints.