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The security guard who was the victim of an alleged racist tirade in Kelowna is receiving support from all over, with the security firm he works for standing beside him.

In a series of tweets, Paladin Security said it completely supports the security officer, who they identified by his first name Anmol.

“We are so proud of the diversity within our company and the difference our people make every day in communities across Canada,” the company’s tweet said.

“Seeing these types of remarks made to our hardworking officers is extremely disheartening, frustrating and frankly unacceptable.

“Security officer Anmol displayed professionalism and courage in a very distressing situation, and we will be recognizing his outstanding service.”

The tweets came after a video made the rounds online of active protestor Bruce Orydzuk yelling racist comments at Anmol.

People from around B.C. and the country responded to Paladin’s tweets, with many expressing support for Anmol and others saying that they are ashamed and disgusted by Orydzuk’s behaviour.

Many expressed that while Anmol was professional and courteous, he shouldn’t have had to go through what he did in the first place. Others said they were proud of the security guard for doing his best and standing his ground.

Kelowna councillor Mohini Singh said she wanted to give him a “big hug”.

“I just want to tell him that we’re all with him,” she said.

Premier John Horgan also condemned the incident.

“This is vile, racist behaviour,” he said on social media.

“If this is how you treat people, you are the problem. Racism is a scourge and we must stand together against it to build a better province.”

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