11 books that can help kids and teens understand, identify, and manage their anxiety – Insider

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  • Anxiety can be difficult to understand at any age, and this can be especially true for children. 
  • Books can be a useful and validating resource for children who are experiencing anxiety of any form.
  • We spoke to a child psychologist and rounded up books about anxiety for kids of all ages, including teens.

There’s much to be anxious about in 2021 as we adapt to a “new normal” amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For children, this can be especially challenging and lead to anxiety.

Children experience anxiety differently than adults — as we explain at the end of this article. Anxiety also looks different in each child, but books can be a useful tool for guiding children through the anxious sensations, thoughts, and feelings they may experience. 

“It is so important for children to have books to explain what is happening in their bodies when anxiety arises,” child psychologist Nekeshia Hammond told Insider Reviews. “When books are written in age-appropriate ways, it can be comforting to children in need of understanding their anxiety.”

We’ve compiled a list of 11 books that can help alleviate the challenges that often arise when managing anxiety. Just as anxiety is not a one-size-fits-all experience among children, each book offers different lessons regarding anxiety and anxiety disorders. It’s our hope that these stories, alongside therapeutic treatment if necessary, can help children effectively manage their anxiety.

Here are 11 of the best books for kids and teens with anxiety: