Mount Carmel Family Brings Home Baby After 87 Days in the NICU – WEVV

One Illinois family is celebrating.

After spending 87 days in the NICU, born premature, baby Bexley was able to leave the hospital for the first time this weekend.

The family traveled from Mount Carmel, Illinois to the Ascension St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville, Ind. to give birth to their daughter, due to having a high risk pregnancy.

After experiencing complications to have a baby and going through the I-V-F process, mother Melissa Tracy, gave birth to what they call a miracle baby.

Now that they are able to go home, Tracy said they already have in mind what they plan to do first.

“We’re going to see family,” she said. “That’s the plan for the next few days is just be with everybody and introduce her to the world. You know, she’s been in our world for 87 days, but you know there was a lot of people that were praying for her and wanting to meet her and be around her so they finally get the chance to experience that joy.”

Bexley was born just 2 lbs and 6 ounces.

With the help from neonatal staff and doctors, she is now a healthy 7lb baby.