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By Peter Rhead

More examples of when to make a Texas Transfer

Today we look at more examples of when you and your partner might use the Texas Transfer.  With each of the following hands, you are the responder.  Which hands might use a Texas Transfer when partner bids as described?

Case 1:

Spades         QJx
Hearts          AKJxxx
Diamonds     xxx
Clubs            xx

Case 1:  Partner opens 1NT.  With this responding hand, you know that probably you have a Four Heart game-going partnership.  Therefore respond with a Texas Transfer, Four Diamonds.  Partner immediately announces “Transfer” and then completes the Transfer, Four Hearts at his turn to bid.  You are the captain and you know you do not have enough partnership strength for slam so you pass Four Hearts and that is where opening partner plays for the game score.

Case 2:

Spades         AQxxxx
Hearts          xx
Diamonds     xxx
Clubs            xx

Case 2:  Partner opens 1NT.  With this responding hand you have eight points including two length points.  You are not strong enough to assume a game in Spades yourself.  But you might have a game if 1NT opener is at or near maximum for his bid.   Therefore you do not do a Texas Transfer.  First do a regular Transfer, Two Hearts for Spades.  Partner will complete the Transfer, Two Spades, and you invite game by then bidding Three Spades.  If partner is at or near maximum for his 1NT bid, he will take the contract to Four Spades and that is where he will play the contract for the game score.

Case 3:

Spades         AKxxxx
Hearts          xxx
Diamonds     Qx
Clubs            xx

Case 3: Partner opens 1NT.  With this hand, you have 11 points including two length points.  You know your partnership has game-going strength in Spades.  Therefore you do the Texas Transfer, Four Hearts, and 1NT partner will play Four Spades for the game score.

For more information, check out “Jacoby and Texas Transfers” in Barbara Seagram’s 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know, page 73

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