Kingfisher cleaning up in home improvements | Business – The Times

The DIY boom is showing little sign of slowing down, prompting Kingfisher to boost its profit guidance for the year after another bumper quarter.

The group behind B&Q and Screwfix said that sales in the UK and Ireland had grown by 65 per cent in the three months to the end of April, or 38.6 per cent compared with pre-pandemic levels two years ago. Group sales were 22.5 per cent higher using the two-year comparison.

Kingfisher has benefited from a surge in demand for home furnishings, decorating materials and garden furniture as people have used lockdowns to spruce up their homes. B&Q sold 1.5 million house plants and 3.5 million paintbrushes in the past quarter.

It has 1,390 shops in Europe, including Castorama and