AtlantiCare responds to video of security guard interaction with Atlantic City couple –

Video of an Atlantic City couple’s interaction with a hospital security guard has garnered local attention, and response from the hospital.
“You’re scaring my daughter,” Nigia Nelson is heard saying as the video begins, with just the security guard in the frame.
The woman’s 4-year-old daughter was bleeding from a cut to her eye, after she was hit with a swing at the playground.

The little girl was treated at the hospital for an injury at the playground

Nelson’s boyfriend, Rahmir Bethea, said he started recording after the guard got out of his seat and tried to kick Nelson out of the hospital.
“Our internal investigation has concluded that, while the officer was attempting to enforce our policies and protect our staff, his actions were not consistent with our training and high standards,” AtlantiCare said in a statement released to BreakingAC. 
The video posted to Facebook on Monday garnered thousands of views, with many upset by the girl’s cries, which last throughout the video that runs just more than a minute.
“The officer was responding to what he perceived as a violation of hospital policy,” AtlantiCare’s statement reads. “When a family member began filming the exchange — a practice that is not permitted in patient care areas to ensure compliance with patient privacy laws — the security officer attempted to halt the filming.”
But Bethea said the guard tried to grab his phone more than once, with the struggle causing Bethea to accidentally strike the girl with the phone.
At times, the girl’s cries get louder.

The statement from AtlantiCare notes that the video captures just a portion of the encounter.
The investigation included reviewing “interactions with staff both before and after what was reflected by the video that was posted to social media.”
The hospital would not comment on what else may have occurred during the portion that was not recorded by Bethea.
Nelson asked only how long it would take to see her daughter, Bethea said of what precipitated the videoed encounter.
Both sides agree that the girl was quickly seen following the incident.
“The nurses said they saw the commotion and came out and got us,” Bethea said. “They took us straight in the back. The charge nurse said she would do a follow-up report.”
AtlantiCare said the girl was seen within seven minutes of arriving in the emergency room.
A representative from the hospital did call the couple and said that any time something like this happens, it’s used as a training tool.
“We want our patients to feel safe,” the couple was told.
“We are taking appropriate action with our staff and will use this situation to strengthen our de-escalation training,” AtlantiCare’s statement concluded. “We are committed to the respectful treatment, safety and privacy of all of our patients, their families, visitors, and our staff and providers.”
Nelson indicated she may be getting a lawyer.