Google Adopts Hybrid Workweek, With 20% of Its Employees to Work Remotely – The Wall Street Journal

Alphabet Inc.’s Google announced a series of moves to offer employees more workplace flexibility, allowing a fifth of its staff to work from home permanently and another fifth of workers to shift to a different geographic location.

In an email on Wednesday, Alphabet Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said the company envisions that about 20% of staff would work from home on a permanent basis, while another 20% of staff would shift to new offices. The remaining 60% of staff will work from their current location. Employees will have to apply for both location-change options, with approval being up to their managers.

Google is also moving to a hybrid workweek, where employees work from offices about three days a week, and two days “wherever they work best,” Mr. Pichai said in the email.

The company also will offer four weeks per year where staff can work from anywhere with manager approval, a move that aims to give employees more flexibility around summer and holiday travel.

“The future of work is flexibility,” Mr. Pichai said. He said the changes aimed to help staff do their best work.