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A newborn will undoubtedly change your life forever. Your priorities will be different now that a baby is on the way. Such an important event in every family’s life is both exciting and scary, so preparing for their arrival can easily overwhelm you as a future parent. Fatherhood can bring many fears or insecurities, but it is important to take baby steps (pun intended). While it is essential to read parenting books or even sign up for parenting courses with your partner in advance, it is also crucial not to drown yourself in books before the baby has even arrived.

An excellent place to start is with the living environment. You might want to improve your home to make it suitable for a baby. From baby-proofing the house to decorating the nursery and adding devices to clean the air or water, there are many improvements that you could begin adding to your home. This is a way of starting the journey as a father while also creating the safe environment babies need.

The nursery

When it comes to decorating the nursery, you and your partner can start doing this as early as you wish. Most of the time, it is a bonding activity, as you are picking out colors and furniture and building your little one’s universe. There are some relevant aspects to consider before starting to set up the nursery.

Choosing colors

Whether you decide to paint it yourself or not, it is vital you choose a non-toxic paint for the nursery, with no volatile organic compounds that emit specific gases which can alter a person’s wellbeing. Water-based paint will not contain these compounds and hence is a safer option. What’s more, you can buy a paint alternative that doesn’t require a primer or one that has specific features to protect against mold if your house is susceptible to it.

For a nursery, it is recommended you choose calming colors. Apart from the overused pastel pink or blue, there are many undertones you could use. Certain shades can improve your child’s sleep, such as soft whites or neutral colors.


Lighting is just as important when it comes to your baby’s comfort. Soft lighting is recommended for a nursery as it isn’t tiring to the eyes, and it resembles natural light best. For this reason, during the day it’s best if the room offers a lot of natural light. It gives the space a friendly and cozy feeling, aspects that are vital for a nursery. Plus, during nighttime, it is crucial you install a night light. It won’t affect your baby’s sleep. Instead, it would help you when you need him to put him to bed – especially when you’ll start reading books to them.


Assembling the furniture can be a lot of work that needs a great deal of attention to detail. For this reason, it isn’t uncommon for parents to postpone this activity. Putting together the crib and changing table are indispensable, regardless if you choose to set an entire room as the nursery or not. So, it is essential you select a day to assemble these. A noteworthy mention would be to do this task not too close to the date when the baby is supposed to come.

Air quality

The air quality, not just in the nursery but in the entire house, is vital for a baby who is in constant growth and development until their adolescent years. To check your house’s air quality, you can purchase an affordable monitor that reads the air impurities and measures the air quality, such as the Air Quality Index. Apart from an air quality monitor, it would help if you considered getting an air purifier. After using an air purifier, some benefits can be noticed, as a 2018 study has shown a 30% decrease of certain particles, such as pollen or dust.

Install a water softener

A water softener in your house can improve the overall life quality of the entire family. Apart from not being able to drink tap water, having hard water can cause other issues, including not cleaning the dishes or clothes properly. So, installing a water softener can be a long-term investment, as you will be free of the issues mentioned above.

When you’re expecting a baby, this improvement will be even more needed. This way, you can rest assured it will be safer to give your baby baths, as well as cook their meals. If you want to know how the water softener in a home works before installing it, you can read more about the entire process to see what kind of water softener you need.

Most people in the U.S. have hard water, which can cause appliances like a dishwasher or washing machine to break down faster due to a high amount of calcium on plumbing fixtures. So, by having softer water in your house, although it can be a costly investment, it will pay off in the future. This way, you will be able to safely drink tap water, which may help you save money.

What’s more, as you will have filtered water, now only will it benefit the baby as softer water can be better for the skin, but it can also help your partner during pregnancy when her skin is more sensitive.

Baby-friendly house

Apart from all the changes mentioned above to prepare your home for your newborn, other necessary changes can make the house baby-friendly. For instance, if you have a multi-level house, it is essential you install a stairgate. Indeed, it isn’t a requirement until your baby starts crawling and walking, so there is no rush. However, it will become a necessity, so you must consider this.

On top of that, as babies grow up, they become increasingly curious. Therefore, covering up electrical sockets and baby-proofing the house is also vital to diminish the health risks. Besides, it is crucial you move any cleaning products out of reach for a later stage in your baby’s life.

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