National Garden Meditation Day 2021: Things you need to know about this day – India Today

In this fast-moving world, almost everyone has no time to sit back and relax. But relaxing for a while is indeed a vital need for any human to do well in life. And what is better than meditation? May 3rd is celebrated as National Garden Meditation Day! It is a time to relax and forget about the outside world in a peace-loving garden setting.

We all know how hard it is for us to take out time to sit and relax, but today we get the best excuse to do so and take out some ME time. Nature gives us the best of its beauty and we can surely find some peace around it. You must have noticed that when you are around nature, you feel relaxed. Working in a garden, watering plants or maybe sitting on a bench on a beautiful day in a garden nearby are all forms of meditation. Both can be restorative to the soul and a refreshing way to be out in nature.

Keeping all this in mind, we today celebrate National Garden Meditation Day

History of National Garden Meditation Day

The origin and history of National Garden Meditation Day is very unclear but there is a mention that this day was created by C.L. Fornari who is also known as the Garden Lady at the You can find more about her on the mentioned website.

Fornari has a lifelong relationship with nature and gardens. She strongly believed that the garden can be the perfect spot for us to connect to ourselves and to the world. Meditation is a practice where a person focuses on his or her mind on a particular thought or maybe an object, in a way to achieve a mental and emotional peace.

How to celebrate this day?

Gardens have been used for many purposes, including meditation too. This day can be planned in an open space, usually outdoors. But in this COVID time, it is advisable to sit at home and celebrate being indoors. You can either do meditation in your home garden or on your balconies.

  • Sit and relax by meditating in a comfortable position
  • Focus on things and relax your heart and soul
  • You can also chant some mantras if you feel like
  • You can also play some background music which includes nature melodies.
  • Nothing will put you in a meditating mood more than the sound of water or a river flowing.

How does it help you?

Meditation has its own benefits for your health. And meditating in a garden surely offers many benefits. You also get to enjoy the benefits offered by nature.

  • We immediately get a benefit from being in the fresh air.
  • The natural sound of birds and trees, or a water fountain, flowing river water, or the sound of the breeze brings calmness and peace to your mind.
  • Meditating helps you loosen joints and stretch muscles, hence leading to reduction of muscle pain.
  • You also get a natural dose of Vitamin D as you get exposed to natural sunlight. But do not forget to apply some sunscreen in order to avoid overexposure to sunlight, which can harm your skin.
  • Meditating daily also improves your sleep.
  • It helps you ease your anxiety and makes you think properly.

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