For adventures close to home, let’s visit Minnesota’s Backyard – Pine Journal

Some folks will get on an airplane in order to climb massive rock faces, to sit on a secluded beach, to see towering waterfalls, to wander on a boardwalk over a 50-mile bog, to stroll amid old growth pines high above or wander amid roaming bison and cacti.

But amid the collection of more than 70 state parks and recreation areas that dot the Land of 10,000 Lakes, you can find all of those adventures and many more, all of them right here in Minnesota’s Backyard.

Over 20 weeks, we are going to traverse this state, from the rocky shoreline of the northeast, to the driftless river bluffs of the southeast, to the tallgrass prairie of the southwest, to the glacier-flattened forest’s edge of the northwest and the seemingly endless lakes in between. We are going to visit the well-known favorites and the secluded hideaways in the state park system.

We will look at the best hikes and the most desired campsites. We will find the places where history happened and the nearby communities that have can’t-miss attractions and eateries.

Our aim is to show some of the wonders that are preserved, protected and promoted for you to visit again and again. And all of it is available in Minnesota’s Backyard.

Look for the series starting May 6 online and in a new e-edition section, Go Visit.