People Are Sharing How Money Broke Up Their Relationships And It’s Equal Parts Shocking And Sad – BuzzFeed

7. “My then-friend/roommate and I were looking for a new apartment. We worked for the same company, at the same level, and received the same salary. She insisted at every place we looked at that she pay less per month.”

“I did all of the work finding listings that suited her strict budget and never received a thank-you. She would say she was broke and had no savings.

I continued to be as accommodating as possible until one evening with a group of friends in causal conversation, over a game of Monopoly, she announced that she had €40,000 in savings. She proceeded to make fun of a fellow coworker, with two kids, having seen his bank account savings at only €7,000 while looking over his shoulder in our company lunchroom.

Monopoly (and money) really brings out the worst in some people! I sat her down the next morning, said we couldn’t live together, found an amazing apartment, and completely cut her out of my life.”