Holiday 2021 warning: Priti Patel sounds summer getaway alert ‘People should stay at home’ – Express

Priti Patel dashed holiday hopes with a stark warning in today’s coronavirus briefing. The Home Secretary cautioned it was too soon to tell what travel restrictions will be come the summer. She also urged Britons not to travel right now.

“It is is far too early in terms to speculate around restrictions, such as the point you just made should people be booking a holiday,” she told the press.

Patel continued: “We have thousands of people still in hospital, pressures on the NHS – the advice is very clear, we are in a lockdown, the public should be staying at home.

“Our focus, of course, with regards to borders and travel – people should not be travelling unless of course, it is absolutely critical and essential.”

The Home Secretary added that the focus is now on the covid vaccine and strict travel rules are in place for a good reason.

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“We have this incredible world-leading vaccine rollout programme. Our focus is absolutely on delivering that vaccine, getting it to the public, and you know very clearly what the measures are at the borders.

“In terms of quarantine, passenger locator form, the fine on the PLF has been increased, but also the need for a test.

“We have stringent measures for a very good reason because we want to protect the health of members of the public and also we want to make sure that we can deliver and safeguard this world-leading vaccine rollout programme.”

Patel was reluctant to give any further details on travel in the coming months and shed no further light when asked again on the topic by another member of the media.


“It is simply far too early to even contemplate where we go with restrictions,” she reiterated.

Her update today contrasts with the coronavirus briefing given by Health Secretary at the start of the week.

Matt Hancock was more optimistic about summer holidays.

He explained that Britons should be “confident” about a “Great British Summer” in the Monday meeting.

He suggested travel might not be a possibility until the “autumn”.

“We have got to be realistic, the vaccination process is going to take some time,” said Dr Hilary. “We might encounter some new variants. We might need to tweak it.

“I think people thinking about holidays this summer are barking up the wrong tree, I really do.”

A staycation may be somewhat more likely, the doctor told TV host Lorraine Kelly, however, even then he appeared hesitant to confirm their possibility with absolute certainty.