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Essay writing can be a difficult skill to get right. Many students get stuck with the first sentence or run out of ideas pretty soon. Others struggle with creating a logical flow of their sentences or fit in the content with their argument.

On the bright side, essay writing is a skill that can certainly be improved. So we consulted the essay help experts at EssayHub to curate the ultimate guide that will help you craft winning essays every time.

Step 1: Create an Essay Outline

Drafting the outline of your essay can help you map out the key points and the tone of your writing. It will help you figure out what your arguments are and whether you have sufficient evidence to support your claim.

Regardless of the topic and length, all essays follow the same basic structure:

  • Introduction. This is where you start with a compelling argument to get the reader interested. The opening will sketch the theme of the rest of the essay while not giving away too much.
  • Body. This is where you build your argument, detailing the evidence, and discussing them.
  • Conclusion. You summarize the essay with a short reflection on the body.

Now, how you approach each of these sections would depend on the type of paper, you are writing. For instance, a literary analysis essay will need you to emphasize your arguments. Whereas, in a personal essay, you are often describing an event from your first-person perspective.

Step 2: Write Your Introduction

Students often tend to overlook the significance of an introduction while attempting an academic paper. However, it is an essential part of your essay, where you not only try to catch the attention of the reader but also give an overview of the rest of the paper.

A strong introduction will always sketch out the main points to direct the readers. For this reason, you can also wait to write the introduction until you have completed the body of the paper.

This will give you a better idea of presenting the introduction to the readers.

Step 3: Components of the Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs are where all the action happens in the essay. These body paragraphs have the main goal of supporting your thesis statement – whether it is by providing background information, offering additional details, or providing counterarguments.

Similar to the whole essay, each of your body paragraphs should also be properly structured.

You can divide them into three sections:

  • A topic sentence;
  • Supporting sentences;
  • A concluding sentence.

This pattern will ensure that your entire essay has a logical sequence of ideas.

In the meanwhile, it is best to stay away from superfluous or irrelevant content merely to meet the word count.

This might serve your purpose but will water down your main idea.

Step 4: Writing the Conclusion

The objective of the conclusion is to sum up your essay and reinforce the arguments you presented in the body paragraphs. A well-written conclusion gives a reader a thought-provoking message. It should add further insight into an idea.

It is natural that even with these explanations, you might find essay writing a challenging task. If you need to refer samples, it is worth checking out the EssayHub review at to find an inspiring idea. You can also get help from professional writers on the platform to guide you through the writing process.

Woman with book

One thing that students need to understand is that essay writing, much like any other writing, happens in stages. Your first aim is to get the words on the page to create the first draft.

It does not matter if it is only a high school essay – you still have to ensure that you revise this first draft until you are happy with the final result.

It is a good idea to take a break, read a Dan Chaon book, or do something else before you come back to read what you have already written. At this stage, you are likely to see all the mistakes that you might have failed to notice before. Some sentences might not read right, or your point might not have come across.

Put simply, you have to weigh whether the essay makes sense to the reader. Is the narrative of the essay easy to follow, and is its intent clear?

The Bottom Line: Practicing is Worth the Effort

Good writing does not happen by accident. All the bestsellers you read have gone through several revisions until it reached that point of perfection. The same goes for essay writing as well. The more you write and the more you read, the better you’ll become.

Even if you are merely writing the essay to complete your assignment, proofreading it can make a significant difference. Make sure that you follow the steps we have listed, and you will have a compelling essay that will get you a top grade.

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