Taurus Horoscope: How your love life and relationships will be in 2021 – Times of India

It is all about making the right decision for Taureans in 2021. People of this zodiac sign will be experiencing major life changes that will determine major aspects of their relationships with their near and dear ones. The new year can either turn out to be dazzling and amazing or gloomy and filled with despair.
Taureans have to be bold and strong-willed enough to make the most important decisions in their life, this year. They will have to face only two options: either they change, or they will become entirely stagnant. To elucidate, Taureans will either let people into their lives this time or will close the doors, forever. If they manage to be strong and confident and let people come in their lives and mingle with them, Taureans will have the best time of their lives.
It is rare to see Taureans facing problems with opening up to people because they are naturally confident and quite stubborn. So, if they set their mind to something, they will definitely achieve that. Most single Taureans will, however, face great difficulties in expressing their love to someone they have deeply cared about. The past year had been quite the obstacle for you, to even meet your loved ones, and so, this new year, you will definitely meet them. What is best that you will also have an upfront confrontation about your feelings with them, probably for the first time in your life. It is then, that a Taurean will have to decide, whether to take the chance or let go of it forever.
The people who are facing difficulties in their existing relationship or marriage will notice a big change in their pattern as well. There are huge probabilities that someone else might enter your life, which might be the exact change you need to make. There are others as well, who are quite stuck in their relationships, unable to cut the strings off the relationship. They will have to be vehemently against such forced happiness, and once and for all, be done with the relationship.
The one positive ray for Taureans is that they will have a ‘radical transformation’ in their life, once they decide to turn away from their toxic relationship. And the ones, who are already in a relationship, need to nourish and secure their bond with much-needed love.
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Taurus Horoscope 2021