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Recent Nest Hub Max preview software messes with connected devices, but there's already an easy fix

Despite the potential consequences, many of us tend to join preview programs fairly often. Sometimes the early software releases give us new features and improvements well ahead of other users, but from time to time, they have some unfortunate side effects. If you’re using a Google Nest Hub Max to provide connectivity to a Nest Detect or Next x Yale Lock, and you’ve received a recent firmware update as part of the preview program, there’s a good chance those security devices have lost internet connectivity. But the good news: There’s a simple fix.

The problem is caused by firmware versions 1.52.237743 and 1.52.23895, either of which can cause the Nest Guard or Nest x Yale Lock to drop offline. You can check if your devices are affected by opening the Nest app and checking their history.

If you’re affected and have a Nest x Yale Lock, you won’t be able to remotely lock or unlock it through the Nest or Google Home apps, and temporary guest codes may stop working. However, the keypad will continue to work with your unlock code, so you’re not going to be locked out. For those with Nest Detect sensors, they should continue operating normally, but they’ll appear offline if you look in the Nest app.

Fixing the issue is actually pretty simple, it merely requires leaving the preview program on the Nest Hub Max and letting it revert to an older firmware. Here are the specific instructions from Google, and logically you’ll want to pay close attention to the final step, which suggests restarting the Nest Hub Max after leaving the program to trigger an update right away. Of course, if you’re not in a rush, you could probably also wait for a new update to roll out through the preview program and it will likely fix this issue automatically.

  1. Open the Google Home app

  2. Select your Nest Hub Max from the devices list

  3. Tap the Settings gear at the top

  4. Tap Device Information

  5. Tap Preview Program

  6. Tap Leave Program

  7. Your device will receive a software update within 24 hours that resolves the issue. Alternatively, please unplug the device and plug it back in to trigger the software update manually.