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During the entire period of studying at school and college, students have different types of tasks. Essay writing is one of them. The author needs to express his or her opinion on a particular phenomenon, issue, or topic. Some can easily focus on the content and share their point of view in a simple yet attractive way. But for others, the whole process of writing is stressful.

Lots of things can distract students from enjoying the writing. They lack inspiration, face difficulties with sharing their thoughts, and self-doubt. It is no secret that if work doesn’t bring joy, the result will be less than desirable. Are there ways to make the writing process exciting? This article highlights 4 tips on how to fill your work with pleasurable moments.

Choose an Interesting Theme

Sometimes, students are free to choose the topic they want to write about. They may concentrate on the themes they relate to. One can think about their own life experience and fields that interest them. It is recommended to write down all one’s hobbies or passions and analyze them.

If the goal is to provide information on an area, choose a topic you know well. If the goal is to provide arguments on something, choose a topic that you are keen on. 

However, not all teachers will give you absolute freedom when it comes to essay writing. They may limit the range of topics or not give you any choice at all. Thus, students face a widespread problem. They must devote a huge amount of resources to understand the topic that they didn’t even choose. If the theme is boring, students ask me to write my essay and stop worrying about the approaching deadline. In this way, they save more time and energy. 

Get Inspired

Lots of young people ask themselves: «How can I learn to write well?» The question is complex because there is no clear answer to it. But one can always start with more reading.

It is recommended to read good books, articles, blogs and reviews. This seems obvious, but students often ignore this piece of advice. «If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (and skills) to write», said Stephen King. Thanks to reading, your vocabulary gets wider and richer, grammar is improved. Your literary taste will be better as well.

One may re-read their old essays, too. The main thing is to evaluate the strongest and weakest parts. This helps to figure out what should be improved. Students can assess their progress and set standards for future essays. Don’t be too critical of yourself, but also keep your feet on the ground. Draw conclusions from your failures.

It’s also a good idea to watch a couple of great movies. The plots themselves, characters’ behavior, and quotes have a positive effect on imagination and creativity.

It is difficult to gain writing experience without having life experience. Students should travel, visit events, go to performances, meet new people. If the conversation is intriguing, one may write down a phrase in the notebook. Everything stolen from real life can be used in a particular story. Everything that makes your life rich also makes your texts rich.

Go Beyond the Usual Approach

Some techniques help to look at the writing process from a brand new perspective. You may imagine yourself a CNN reporter who is exploring the topic for an upcoming newscast. Be curious. The more questions you ask before you start writing, the more information you can use in your essay. If you act like a reporter, you will have quotes, sources, and vocabulary to help you start writing.

Those who dream about the job in a glamorous magazine may imagine themselves a chief editor of Vogue or Marie Claire. Would you work more productively if your essay was published in the next issue of your favorite paper? Some may visualize themselves as bestselling authors, working on a new book in the picturesque countryside.

An essay can also become a letter to a close friend. When it is complicated to write on a given topic, try to relax and be honest with the reader. Tell a personal story. Imagine that reader knows you very well. This exercise helps to remove the barriers. The text becomes vivid and bright.

Another creative approach to writing is making special vocabulary for an essay. This vocabulary includes all the associations that come to one’s head while thinking of the topic for the first time. New words that relate to the theme can be added too. Thus, the vocabulary helps to create a structure for the essay.

Follow the Professionals

Those who want to write a brilliant essay may use original tips from well-known writers. Authors love sharing the secrets of their craft. For example, Ray Bradbury gives practical recommendations for creating an individual style in the book «Zen In The Art Of Writing»

Stephen King has a personal guide for young writers as well. In the book «On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft» he insists on reading and writing for at least four hours a day. Chuck Palahniuk, author of «Fight Club» shares four life hacks:

  • find those topics and problems that everyone can relate to;
  • write a story about things that bring people together, many people feel lonely in our modern world;
  • take time to go out and be around people to collect the material for the future work;
  • try different activities to communicate with new people and hear their stories.

Final Thoughts

How can the students make the writing process easier? They need to have a good command of the topic and know its details. Sources of information are truly unlimited. The conducted research will be a perfect basis for a future essay. Deep knowledge helps to handle the task.

Inspiration is of great value, too. That is why some students prefer to create a certain atmosphere before starting to work. They turn on calming music, light up candles, or grab some chocolate. Others feel better if they work in a crowded café, surrounded by others. The coffee smell and cozy ambiance set them in the productive mood. For instance, J.K. Rowling wrote her masterpieces in coffee shops.

The surrounding world gives a hand when it comes to creativity. So, one should always listen. A perfect idea may come out of nowhere.