Covid-19: ‘Third wave’ warning and how work from home couples are coping – BBC News

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home was often seen as a luxurious oddity. For many, though, it has now become the norm – not just for them, but their partners, too. Among those now based in the home office are James and Jo Williamson, who first started working from home together in March. At first everything was fine. “We both had our desks set up in our home office. It was all lovely,” says James. “But then it turned out I was too loud to work next to.” While the couple persevered, bringing in extra monitors, a desk and office chair the side-by-side experiment ended within days. “I moved out,” says Jo. “That’s because when our meetings clashed, which they often do, he’s just a lot louder than I am, so I had to go off and shut the door.” You can read more about the couples now sharing a home office, and get some advice about how to make it work, here.