Uncertainty over Oasis concerts after leisure centre closes – Swindon Advertiser

Concertgoers say they have been left in limbo after the shock closure of the Oasis.

In a regular year, the sports hall at the opposite end of the complex to the iconic dome would host a number of gigs and shows, including stand-up comedians.

But the coronavirus pandemic meant events that were due to be performed this year have been postponed. 

New shows were announced for 2021 in October but a month later came the news the leisure centre would be shutting its doors for good.

John Webb has tickets to see The Specials at the Oasis in August but is unsure if he’ll still be able to go. 

He said: “Everything’s closed and the staff have been redeployed and concerts are still being sold for the shows. 

“Have they been informed with what’s going on? I don’t know. 

“I’ve not had anything at all. The Specials announced their tour and Swindon is the second stop. 

“We’re only going to The Specials but they’re still selling tickets for The Human League.”
Tickets for The Specials as well as 80s favoruties The Human League in December are still on sale via Ticketmaster. Tickets to the UB40 show planned for March remain on sale elsewhere. 

John added: “Are they going to happen? The Oasis is closing so are they going to hire separate staff to put them on or are they not going to put them on?

“If the building is completely closed and they’re not going to facilitate those shows then they should be pulled and you shouldn’t be able to buy those tickets.
“I appreciate they’re not selling a great deal – usually The Specials sell out – but that’s not the point.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” John added. “Maybe the Oasis or whoever it is are going to hire special staff just for those three nights but it’s going to take a lot of people to organise a concert. 

“It holds about 2,000 people when it’s sold out so that’s a lot of organisation.

“Maybe they will all go ahead. They do hire separate security staff usually so maybe that’s what they’ll do.”

The Advertiser has approached landlords Seven Capital and Ticketmaster but did not receive a reply before going to print.