Top 3 Casinos in London – Love Belfast

Living in America gamblers can access lots of options. They can simply spin slot machines and get the best online casino bonus in Canada. Yet, lovers of the venture will also find many attractions while traveling around the world. London is one of the most popular places for gamblers, and here are the top 3 casinos in this city.

Ritz Casino

Within the walls of the legendary Ritz casino, a Hollywood legend Roger Moore played James Bond. Johnny Depp, whose love of Irish whiskey was instilled by the local bartender, was sitting long hours at the bar of the Ritz. During the war, prominent politicians gathered to decide the fate of the world. At the tables of the VIP hall, the bets were often in the tens of thousands of pounds for a single change. This is a cult casino with a unique history, exclusive service and inimitable charm.

The Ritz Casino is part of a five-star complex with a prestigious hotel, chic restaurant and other services. The building has a spectacular Louis XVI style with a sophisticated facade and interior.

During more than a century of history, the restaurant has changed owners several times. It is now owned by the London Clubs. The Ritz Club Casino is located at 150 Piccadilly, St James’s, near Park Lane and Mayfair.

Several roulettes, blackjack, poker and baccarat tables await guests here, as well as numerous slot machines. It is renowned for its high stakes limits, top-notch service and special attitude toward high rollers.

Clermont Club Casino

One of England’s top gambling houses, Clermont Club Casino, is located in Berkeley Square in prestigious Mayfair and has a long and distinguished reputation for elegance and grandeur.

The building is at 44 Berkeley Square, and it was designed and built in 1742 by the famous architect William Kent for Lord Clermont. It is very impressive. The interior, with its Baroque decor and spiral staircase, looks stunning and theatrical. Everything here oozes elegance and style and creates the air of elitism for which the Clermont Club is famous.

It is one of the most traditionalist casinos in the world. To enjoy gambling at this elite casino, you must first apply for a membership at least 24 hours in advance before you would like to visit the Clermont Club. Anyone can do this, although you should not assume that you will get this membership immediately. This is an old-school place where all members have a say as to who gets the opportunity to join this club and who gets rejected.

Hippodrome Casino

Hippodrome casino is the largest casino in the UK. Opened in 1900 by the famous architect Frank Matsch, the Hippodrome Casino is synonymous with innovation and classy entertainment. When you visit the casino you can appreciate the style, entertainment and generous bonuses.