Best Home Security Devices to Check out this Holiday Season – Tech Geeked


Home security has been one of the biggest areas in the tech world to see huge innovations. Now is as good of a time as any to improve your setup.

Here’s a look at some of the best products on the market, many of which are going for discounted prices this holiday season. Take a look and stay safe.

Top Overall Home Security System

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe does an excellent job with what it offers, as it comes in a number of different setups.

There are ways to buy this security system which includes a numeric keypad along with a siren that can be quite loud, while it also has motion sensors and four-door sensors too.

Another thing about the SimpliSafe is that it has a huge ecosystem and is able to add a ton of additional products.

This includes smart video doorbells, cameras, a smoke detector, temperature and water sensors.

In addition, there is an availability to add controllers, keypads, more sirens and other accessories.

There are services offered on a monthly subscription basis and it really depends on how diligent you want to be about home security.

However, SimpliSafe offers the best all- encompassing system at the moment when it comes to home security is concerned.

Google fans should use this for home security

Google Nest Secure

For those who are fans of Google and are already accustomed to their extensive ecosystem, this is the best pick.

The system is not as inexpensive as the others, but it does have many of the things a Google enthusiast will want for good reason.

The Google Smart Home will work well with the Nest and sync with other devices that have easy access to the smart doorbell, cameras, thermostat and others.

There are many features that can be done while users are not at home that use Google functionality and this is through and through the best option for those Google diehards.

Best Do It Yourself Security option for homes at a decent price 

Ring Alarm

Home security technology cannot be mentioned without listing Ring in there somewhere.

The company has had a variety of products throughout the years, including smart doorbells and various alarm systems to keep customers happy.

Ring currently offers an eight-piece kit that has a siren, motion sensor, base station, four-door sensor and more that integrates well with the rest of the company’s ecosystem.

There is a mobile app that works well with what Ring has to offer now and it also offers a Retrofit Alarm Kit that can function with a system already set up.

For a wide variety of home security of options, Ring is a great spot to invest right now.

Best Smart Speaker and Home Security System Combined

Honeywell Smart Home Security System

Honeywell is offering a sort of best of both worlds for those who enjoy both the smart speaker and home setup along with a solid home security system.

The overall setup is fairly modest and small, but it packs quite the punch.

The system comes with a camera that has facial recognition, a siren, and a speaker that allows for communication with Alexa and so forth.

The system also has sensors specific to doors and windows and will work with most smart home devices overall.