A Quick and Simple Guide to Writing an Essay – Gary Skentelbery

For those who do not know where to start writing an essay, it is recommended to make a plan for writing an essay. The outline drawn up reflects the future structure of the essay; the outline defines how to write the essay and serves as its frame.

It is impossible to figure out how to write an essay without first having an outline. Although the plan may change in the course of work (and very significantly), before writing an essay, it is necessary to make a plan.

Introduction (in it you can justify the relevance of the topic, indicate the most pressing issues).

The main part – in fact, theses and arguments, which are the main content of the essay. How to write them in the plan – the author himself decides: you can use affirmative or interrogative sentences.


Where to begin?

Best of all – from the body of the text. The introduction and conclusion are easier to add – after you make sure that the basis of your essay is logical and understandable to the reader. If you have taken care of the detailed plan, you can write in order – it will be easy. The purpose of the content of a flawless essay is to inform and persuade. Using specific knowledge related to the topic does not take up a lot of teachers’ time. This brings us back to the question of sorting relevant facts and isolating the necessary and important information from the general one. Superfluous information only shows that you do not quite understand the essence.

It also happens that there is no time or desire to write an essay. In this case, you can buy college essay. A few hours – and everything will be ready.

Content of the essay

Unlike other student papers, essays do not have clear content requirements. It usually depends on the topic and the subject. Of course, it cannot be said that there are no definite assessment criteria, therefore, some requirements must be observed. The content of the text is reflected in its structure. The structure of essays of this type is classical: introduction, main part, conclusion. This structure is logical. Therefore, in the introduction, introduce the reader to the problem about which you are going to reflect, bring him up to date. In the main part, you must indicate your thought and support it with two or three arguments. You can stop at this and go to the conclusion. But to make the essay look professional, you need to add one more part: the counter-opinion. It shows your awareness, how easily you navigate the problem. Counter-opinion also needs to be supported by arguments.

After that, you must explain why this opinion is wrong. And only after that, it is logical to complete the reasoning.

Support your opinion using quotes from famous works. This demonstrates a good knowledge of information. However, do not go too far, an extremely large number of quotes in an essay will not be a plus for you. Frequent reference to quotes is your lack of confidence in the explanation of the topic. As already stated, it is very important to present your arguments based on the reasons.

There is no need to remind you of deadlines for the delivery of work, but in any case, this is important, for a complete understanding, we explain why: even if you wrote the best essay in 100 years, but submitted it for review later than the established terms, the chances of good reviews, as well as its consideration, are reduced. Do not leave everything for the last days, ideally, you should start writing the essay well in advance and leave time for checking and analyzing the work.

The final part

The final part should summarize what was written in the main part:

  • Conclusions should relate to the issues identified in the introductory part;
  • Conclusions should be based on the theses discussed in the main part;
  • One should not introduce new theses unproven above in the conclusions;
  • Conclusions should be concise;
  • Conclusions should not repeat verbatim sentences of the main body.

With the essay writing knowledge, you can avoid common mistakes and create engaging and convincing work. It is quite easy to find a sample of writing an essay on the Internet, but it must be remembered that not all freely available works are made at a high level. Remain critical of the writings of anonymous authors.