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UNITED STATES—Every student knows that essay writing is an integral part of education. Most of us learn to write simple essays in school. When we go to college or university, we have to work on more complex assignments, and at some point, students need to write long complex papers, coursework, and dissertations.

As the complexity and the number of writing assignments grow, students often start to look for writing help. There are thousands of websites that offer custom essays, research papers, and other academic assignments written according to your demands by professional writers. They can be found everywhere: on Google, on Reddit, and even on Quora. There’s no surprise that students from all over the world use such services to their advantage, even though educators always condemn such a practice.

Quite often, writing services simply help students write their papers instead of creating papers from scratch. For example, such companies might research the topic and provide students with the necessary materials. In contrast, students may also provide writers with the necessary sources to avoid the most time-consuming and boring part of work.

No matter how students use essay services, the vast majority of educators call it cheating and academic dishonesty. If students get caught cheating, they can face severe consequences, and yet thousands of students are willing to take the risk and buy papers online. So, are writing services worth it?

What Do Writing Services Have To Offer?

First, many writing services hire professional writers with impressive experience. Obviously, if a writer has already written dozens of papers similar to yours, they will likely write your essay faster than you. Besides, if you’re not good at grammar or don’t have enough time for your assignment, delegating this task to a professional can be the best choice. Professional writers are familiar with different types of writing, they know different citation formats, and stay up to date about the relevant sources dedicated to their subject. Therefore, if you’ve found a reliable writer, the chances are that you will get a great paper. If you’re looking for essay help, It is recommended to work with professional writing services. You can find a lot of freelance writers on Reddit who are willing to write academic papers at a reasonable price. However, hiring a freelance writer may be not as effective as working with a professional company.

Not all students order writing from scratch. Quite often, students simply order proofreading and editing. Colleges and universities have strict academic requirements, and even if your ideas are great, your papers may still get low grades because of the wrong formatting, typos, or grammar mistakes.

In this case, you can make your professor more likely to appreciate your effort and get a grade that you deserve by ordering professional editing. Moreover, in this case, using writing services can hardly be called cheating, especially given the fact that many people from the academic world collaborate with editors when they want to publish their works in academic journals.

Another great advantage of using professional writing services is that you can get your paper quickly. Many students always lack time. They suffer from an overwhelming workload, and it’s almost impossible for them to write all of their papers on time. Besides, many students have part-time jobs. Professional writers are used to tight deadlines, and if you need a simple essay, some services can deliver it in just a few hours. Thanks to online writing services, many students get an opportunity to combine education and work.

Is It Right To Buy Papers on the Internet?

Most professors don’t have any problems with students using grammar checkers. However, when students submit papers written by somebody else, it’s considered academic dishonesty. At the same time, if you submit an original paper that passes plagiarism checkers, it will be virtually impossible for your professor to prove that you didn’t write this paper yourself. If you’re working with a freelance writer that you have found on Reddit, there is always a chance that they will resell your paper to a future client.

At the same time, a dedicated company that specializes in writing academic papers guarantees that the paper you buy will never be resold to anyone else. In this regard, your best bet will be to read some reviews and find some top essay writing services that Reddit users recommend. Reading online reviews is a key to avoiding negative experiences and buying academic papers online safely.

Although educators say that papers purchased online are a big problem for the education system, the truth is that they often don’t leave students any other option. For example, ESL students have to deal with the same requirements as native English speakers, so if they want to get a good grade, they need to order writing help. Students who have part-time jobs cannot get flexible deadlines so they can either fail their assignments or fail in their jobs. In this case, ordering papers on the internet is also the only solution.

Last but not least, many students will never need writing in their careers. For example, essay writing skills will be useless for STEM students and students from many other areas, and yet they are forced to write tons of essays while in college. The problem is that the educational system fails to adapt the curricula to the real needs of students. 

Educators keep telling students that purchasing papers is cheating but ignore the reasons why students need to do it, in the first place.

Bottom Line

Writing services can be a very helpful thing for students who don’t have enough time, have a hard time meeting strict academic requirements, or want to submit the best papers they can. No matter what educators think about such companies, students deal with many difficulties, and sometimes, essay services are the only solution.